Thorough instructions, student pre-road briefing

Thorough instructions, reviewing lessons

What do I need to get started?

  • Our driver training consists of one-on-one instruction. We recommend that teen students complete the 30 hour driver education program to learn the theory of driving before taking the behind-the-wheel training.

  • A student must have a valid learners permit in their possession to be eligible for this type of training.

How many hours do I need for Behind-the-Wheel training?

  • We recommend the six-hour course for students who have some driving experience. Each lesson is a minimum of two hours; This program consists of three two-hour training sessions.

  • We recommend a ten-hour course for students who have no driving experience at all. This program entitles the student to five two-hour training sessions.

  • We also provide brush-up lessons for adult drivers who have not driven for long periods of time. This program is recommended for those who are preparing for the DMV road test.

  • Students may also opt to pay as they learn by paying for each two-hour lesson as needed.

I don't drive now, so how will I get to school?

  • We offer free pick-up and return to home, school or work. We service Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.

  • We issue a Behind-the-Wheel Certificate for students who receive a minimum of six hours of training behind the wheel. This certificate can save you from 5% to 20% on your insurance premium.

Can I use your cars for my driving test?

  • Our students may use our school car for the Department of Motor Vehicles drive test when their driving skills have improved to the point where they are safe and competent drivers. Our instructors must evaluate and concur that the student is ready to be licensed.

  • The school allows our students to use the car for the road test when the instructor feels that the student is ready to be licensed. There is a charge for two hours for this service.